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Saints consider playing at LSU as New Orleans continues to prohibit fans

The Saints can’t play in front of fans in New Orleans, so they’re considering going elsewhere in the state. Saints spokesman Greg Bensel said in a statement today that the

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Study linking 28 genes to developmental disorders to mean diagnoses for about 500 families

Research into the causes of developmental disorders has identified 285 genes linked to these conditions, including 28 newly-associated genes. Published today (14 October 2020) in Nature, the study by researchers

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Walmart, Best Buy extend Black Friday deals as spending habits change

Eager to capture any holiday-related spending as early as possible this year, Walmart Inc WMT.N, ASOS ASOS.L, Best Buy BBY.N and other major retailers are turning Black Friday into a

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Ubiquiti UniFi Dream Machine Review: For Those Who Are Serious About The Home Office Network

When you think of a Wi-Fi router for homes, you probably think of something which is basic, simple and plainly as close to plug-and-play as it can be. You most

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Fellowships helping former players get NFL jobs

Schulters knew he wanted to continue in the game, possibly in coaching. The problem: He was told to basically start from scratch, sort of like a proven chef being told

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