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The German word Butterbrot refers to a thin slice of bread often topped with butter. The original German word was “Kreuzhout” which meant “butter bread”. Today butterbrot is served as an alternative to plain white bread or rolls in many parts of Germany. In colloquial and official German the words for butterbrot, from, Butterstulle, Stulle etc are simply Brot, Butter, Stulle or Botteramm.


Butterbrot is served cold or at room temperature and is usually available in its original butter flavor. But there are also some other versions like: chopped, sliced, chopped lean, cream cheese, eggs, cream or sour cream topping for the bread. These toppings add variety to butterbrot when they are served. Also, the variety of breads made from butter, adds a great culinary challenge to the diner.

Sliced or cut bread is the most common type of butterbrot. This is the traditional bread that we are accustomed to having and is always lands on the top of the “must have” list in any cookery meeting. And always lands on the butterbrot top. For a classic taste in butterbrot it’s better to have buttermilk over the top. It’s like buttery oatmeal!

Buttermilk is eaten all over the world but in Germany it is only used in cooking. It doesn’t go well with other ingredients. It’s much healthier to eat half a cup of buttermilk than a whole cup. The topping is a very important part of butterbrot. It must be complementary to the butter and must not dominate.

In German-speaking countries the butterbrot can be filled with fruit like raspberries, strawberries, blueberries or peaches. Buttermilk is also used to cut fruit filling sandwiches. The filling can also be filled with liqueurs or icing. Buttermilk is not the only ingredient of a sandwich; cheese is another.

In Germany the most common ingredients are cheese, salt and flour. There is no special type of flour used in German food. Any kind of flour that is eaten in Germany is eaten with butterbrot. It is rare to find someone in Germany who has not tried a butterbrot sandwich. So this sandwich has travelled great distances to get here!

During lunch time in some Germany restaurants the sandwich is served with a sauce of butter and strawberry sauce or apricot sauce. Sometimes other stuffs are also added on to the sandwich like fried eggs, pork and cheese. In many places in the world the sandwich is not just a lunchtime meal, but also a dessert for evening parties. Some places offer to make it in the night when you finish your work.

The butterbrot is baked flat in the oven or grilled on a spit. The preferred method of cooking butterbrot is by baking it in the oven or grilling it on a spit. In both cases the bread slices are usually double wrapped in foil to keep them in their original shape. When people in Germany go on a picnic they take a single slice of butterbrot as a starter and this is still very much in style. People in America would probably never have thought of taking a butterbrot as a starter but at the same time there is nothing wrong with it.

As far as the ingredients are concerned for making butter bread, the traditional German ingredients are lard, flour, water, yeast, sugar, margarine, butter and salt. The tradition of September in Germany is very old and goes way back to the 7th century. It was common for people to celebrate September in Germany with a bake sale in their streets.

Today, September is an important festival in Germany and they also celebrate it with a bake sale in their streets. At the end of September or on the beginning of October shoppers from all over Germany would gather in a street in front of the baker’s shop and eat their butterbrot. Today there is almost a local specialty for every city in Germany. There are special butter broths in every neighborhood that is different than the others.

There are special butterbrot casseroles that are made for the holidays, like Christmas dinner, Easter dinner and Easter lunch. Butterbrot also comes in different shapes. People who like to bake are able to do so easily and with no mess. Some of the more popular shapes are the inverted half-moons, half-round and square. For the square shape you need to have at least one whole egg in your recipe, while for the other two you only need half an egg. If you follow the recipe correctly, you will get a delicious and nutritious single slice of butterbrot that you can eat right away or that your family and friends can enjoy.